Cafeteria Services

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Morning Start Services adheres to the belief that one of the best ways to insure proper merchandising and satisfied customers is to only buy and then sell the highest quality food items. Morning Start deals with the concern for product freshness through inventory control. Our “first-in, first-out” system provides constant stock rotation, and makes certain that all products you receive are fresh.

We believe in maintaining the highest standards of food safety training and sanitation practices, therefore all our cafeteria employees are Serv-Safe certified. All Morning Start employees are required to dress in clean, pressed uniforms each day, and adhere to all Federal, State, and local health department regulations. Sufficient staff will be present at peak times to ensure prompt service at the serving line.

We offer a wide variety of fresh food and produce daily. We also have many offerings for the health conscious and vegetarian patrons. To keep it more interesting, each day a different "Daily Food Special" will be on the menu.

Morning Start maintains all areas of the cafeteria space in a clean and sanitary manner in accordance with the highest industry standards. We train our employees in the “clean-as-you-go” policy. That means everything is cleaned as often as necessary to prevent build up of dirt, food particles and other debris. At the end of each working day, extensive cleanup occurs. Utensils, equipment, surfaces and floors shall be washed and sanitized.

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